Coon Casa MCO's

Breeding cats 

We have no breeding queens at the moment.

We have one beautiful breeding boy 

Handy Dandy Howard   "Howie"

Howie comes from Ukraine and is an amazing sweet strongbuild black tabby boy with great temperament.

HCM N/N, SMA N/N, PKDEF N/N, HCM scan (free)

pawpeds pedigree: 


Coon Casa G'Karmalicious  "Karma"

Karma is a beautiful homebred torbie white girl we got back from a friend and the reason we started breeding again in 2018. She is now neutered.

Coon Casa Goodbye Spotify   "Spotty"

Spotty is a big strongbuild boy, brother of Karma, also born in our cattery. He  is a special red classic white boy with one black lynxtip, one of a kind Maine Coon.