Coon Casa MCO's


Jammy Ludique Esprit - "Jimmy"

When we saw a picture of Jimmy we just fell in love. He is a beautiful black silver highwhite boy with beautiful head with big ears and great temperament.

Thank you Tatiana!

Pawpeds Pedigree:

HCM, SMA, PKDef N/N, HCM/PKD scan clear

Allegiance Love Siren Song - "Mikki"

Mikki is black tabby highwhite girl that came to our cattery at a time we needed some sunshine. Mikki is a sweet girl with a beautiful profile, coat and pattern. Thank you so much Elena Udovenko for your trust, love and beautiful breeding girl.

Pawpeds Pedigree:

Riublau Brownie - "Brownie"

Brownie is a beautiful torbie girl from Spain. We instandly fell in love at a picture we have seen online and luckily she could come to us. Thank you Ana!

Pawpeds Pedigree: 

Coon Casa G'Karmalicious - "Karma"

Karma is a beautiful torbie white girl we got back from our friend Pat and the reason we started breeding again in 2018. 

Coon Casa Goodbye Spotify - "Spotty"

Spotty is a big strongbuild boy, brother of Karma, also born in our cattery. He  is a special red classic white boy with one black lynxtip, one of a kind Maine Coon.